Barry Weir Organization

If you’re hoping to learn more about park homes or the UK’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because Barry Weir is an expert in the park homes industry and Barry Weir park homes knowledge is second-to-none.

Before starting the Barry Weir Organization, Barry Weir made his fortune in the park homes industry. He remained a thriving businessman in the UK until his retirement in 2007. But when England’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013 was implemented, Barry Weir resurfaced and he became a leading authority on the subject. He continues to provide consultation and advice on the Mobile Homes Act to this day.

Barry Weir park homes business became a huge success because of his unique style when it came to designing and creating park homes communities. Barry Weir park homes have an apartment-like style with an individualized property registration, providing Barry Weir park home owners with the best of both worlds.

But making waves in the park homes industry isn’t Barry Weir’s only accomplishment. Perhaps his most impressive feat to date was when he displayed the bravery to save a man’s life. Back in February 2010, Barry Weir and his wife were taking a walk on the beach when Barry noticed a man dressed in a full black suit playing in the surf. Only Barry then quickly realized that the man was not playing at all. He was in distress.

Barry Weir quickly went into action and called for emergency personal from the coastguard. Before the emergency response arrived, Barry saw the man in the suit roll over face down in the surf. That’s when Barry rushed over without a second thought and plunged into the minus-6 degree water despite not knowing how to swim and saved the man’s life.

The eight weeks that it took Barry Weir to thaw out and recover from hypothermia was well worth it to him. He was awarded the Humane Society Bravery Award for his efforts, but what’s even more fulfilling to him is that he was able to help the man in the suit see his family again.

“It was second nature, really,” Weir said.

If only all of us had his kind of bravery and business aptitude.