Barry Weir Discusses Things to Consider When Buying a Park Home

Park homes expert Barry Weir has spent years in the park homes industry and has used his knowledge and experience to build a successful business. In all his years of running the Barry Weir park homes business, Barry Weir has taken note of some of the most important things people should know before purchasing a park home.

To help anyone looking to buy park homes, Barry Weir provides some sound advice and certain aspects of their purchase that they should be aware of.

Ownership: Living in a park home is a bit different from living anywhere else when it comes to home ownership. A park home owner owns their park home, but not the ground it’s located on. That is owned by the park site owner.

Licenses: There are different types of licenses a park home could fall under. The park site owner should have a planning permission and a site license from the local authority. That license will state whether the site is a holiday/vacation site or a fully residential site. Some park home sites have a combination of holiday and permanent homes. Barry Weir cautions that you make sure you know the type of license your park home has before making a purchase.

Surveying: Using your own professional surveyor to inspect a park home before you purchase it isn’t required but, as with any other property transaction, it is recommended. Seeking out your own specialist to survey the property can help highlight any potential problems there might be at an early stage. A professional surveyor will inspect the inside, outside, and underneath the park home and provide a detailed report that will give both the park home owner and the park site owner peace of mind.

Selling: Understanding the process of selling park homes is also important to know before buying one. There have been several changes to the legality of selling or gifting a park home on a permanent residential site under the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, which Barry Weir is a leading authority on. Park home owners, such as the ones that have purchased Barry Weir park homes, can now sell their home on the open market without having to have their buyer approved by the park site owner as long as they owned their home after May 26, 2013. Park home owners who owned their home prior to that date will still have to have limited site owner involvement during the selling process.


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