Barry Weir Rallies to the Record Books

Besides being a park homes mogul and life saver, Barry Weir is a classic car enthusiast and world record holder. Barry Weir combined his love for Aston Martins and overall ambition to become the first person to drive a historic sports car around the world in 80 days.

Behind the wheel of his wife’s 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4, Barry Weir crossed four continents and drove through 22 countries. It is the longest recorded rally in the history of that vehicle.

Barry Weir even wrote a book about his amazing journey around the world.

“Driving Ambition” by Barry Weir features seven chapters of captivating tales from Barry’s rally in his wife’s Aston Martin. The story actually begins more than two years before the rally itself, when Barry purchased the car for his wife at an auction. Although the car was for his wife, Barry kindly asked to “borrow” it once he heard about the rally. His wife obliged, and Barry Weir’s path to a world record began.

“Driving Ambition” is Barry’s account of what it was like to prepare for and take part in a world rally in a classic car. Barry Weir shares his frustrations, personal stories, challenges faced, and, of course, the incredible joy of driving around the world in 80 days.

Since his world rally, Barry Weir has remained passionate about classic car rallying. He still races his 1965 Austin Healey 3000 and his 1968 Mercedes SL280 Pagoda at various events all over the globe. He even came in second in 2007 when he raced in the South American rally. Barry was beat by just 2 seconds after leading the rally for more than three weeks. However, he regularly earns top-five finishes in races he participates in and he even repairs his cars himself during his events and when he’s not rallying. On his spare time, Barry Weir uses his expertise to teach mechanics how to prepare and build rally cars like the ones he drives.

Ever since his retirement from the park home industry in 2007, Barry Weir has had more time to dedicate to his hobbies and his family. Now that all three of his daughters have left home, he is hoping to dedicate even more time to his passion for classic cars and rallies.

Some like to golf. Others love gardening. But you can find Barry Weir somewhere on the open road in a classic rally car.

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